We can work with you or your architect to assist in the design of a custom home, kitchen, or sustainable living space. Armed with knowledge of building costs and methods, this translates to cost savings and long term planning to protect your investment.

Building or remodeling a home is one of the most important investment decisions you can make, and for a brief time you are placing your savings in the hands of a relative stranger. We do not take this responsibility lightly. Communication, integrity, creativity and craftsmanship form the cornerstones of our business and we pride ourselves on handling both the big picture and the smallest detail.

Renewable Energy
Don’t know where to turn for answers? We can help you through the process to determine your needs, desires, and whether or not alternative energy is a viable option for you. Grid-tied, stand alone systems, geothermal, tax credits- it can get complicated and expensive. We can work with you to determine the size of the system, as well as how to reduce your energy consumption so that your system is not as expensive on the front end.

Sustainable Consulting
Village Green Builders can help germinate a concept into a tangible design, and has the strategic relationships to take an idea to reality. We work with homeowners, residential and commercial developers, and technology innovation to maximize resources.

Our strength is in finding creative solutions to complex and often competing interests, while balancing fiscal responsibility, cultural integrity, environmental stewardship and maximizing public relations. Solutions are fine-tuned to balance people, planet, and profit.